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Music is fun to listen to, here are some jams.

Current Jams

Some stuff I’ve been listening to a lot lately, or otherwise have stuck in my head.

Old Favorites

These are always popular, or never fail to hype me up.


A few non-lyric pieces. Genre mixed.


Sometimes I play games, though it’s very rarely these days. I just don’t have time for it like I use to, and maybe I should make more time for them but that’s another situation altogether. Anyhow, I’ve broken this down into Favorite games and Most Played games, because they tend to be different. Some games are just comforting to spend a whole day on, while other games you like for the story, y’know?

Most Played

Each clock is approx 100 hours


Here is where I'll list my favorite written things, be they Books, Fanfic, or Webarticles


The SCP-wiki is a group-writing project where many authors collaborate together to create a fictional record of paranormal phenomena in the style of governmental documentation. No individual article need obey a greater ‘continuity’ and it is generally considered preferable if your article stands on its own.

What I love about the SCP articles is just how many sorts of stories you can tell within the dry, detached framework. There’s a level of fun in unwrapping the mystery of each event or entity, parts of which are redacted or else with-held as unimportant for the sake of the in-universe documentation. Some of them are frightening, some of them hilarious, some are just interesting to read. Some employ creative formatting to draw the reader into the fiction as well, or else present something we regard as a truth of reality as the side-effect of a mishandled event beyond our knowledge.

They’re fun. I like them a lot, and I’ve linked to a bunch of my favorite ones below. I’ll try not to to link TOO many, but who knows!

SCP093: The Red Sea Object

This one spooked me a little the first time I read it, but is also just a good example of the expansiveness of what an article can be once you start including extra documentation and exploration logs.

SCP096: The “shy guy”

It would be rude to not include this one. Without spoiling too much, the reason I find this article so fascinating, is that the fact the monster can kill you is secondary. There’s another element to the horror and I find the concept of it delightful.

SCP261: Pan-Dimensional Vending

I just love the huge list of weird possible snacks. And it IS a very long list so be prepared if you want to read through them all.

SCP504: Critical Tomatoes


SCP845: Expunged Data Released

Content warning for sexually explicit and upsetting stuff in this one. I find it an interesting read in any case, but be prepared for that.

SCP939: With many voices

Just a good solid article! And I find the extra Reproduction information to be … very sad.

SCP163: An Old Castaway

Another sad one, but one of my absolute favorites.

SCP194: Thank you for your Cooperation

An unfolding narrative. Have fun!